Home Loan Refinance

Refinancing a home loan can serve many purposes.

One of the more common reasons people look for a home loan refinance is to lower the overall cost of a home loan or even to lower the home loan repayments.

Those with adequate equity in their property can even consider refinacing their home loan to access funds at home loan interest rates for many different reasons.

Common reasons for refinancing a home loan to access equity may include;

Adobe Acrobat Professional

PDF Readers, Editors and Printers
I have been battling along with Adobe Acrobat Professional for the past few years

Adobe Acrobat Professional causes regular system lockups, program not responding crashes and regular system shut down errors which halt widows shut down alltogether almost everyday.

Finally had enough and uninstalled it today after renstalling twice with the mandatory reboots each time which takes many minutes and it still kept failing.

Home Loan Refinance Offer

I really detest it when people or business dont pay others what they owe.

If there is a problem or a dispute in progress then lets investigate, mediate and try to resolve.

If a product or service is not supplied or is faulty, well then ok.

Through one of my current businesses I have not been paid by a certain home loan lender who owes me commission for well over 6 months, and this 6+ months owed is from at least 12 months ago. There has never been a reason given why the commission was not paid even though I have asked and enquired on many occasions.

Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 IE8

Just downloaded and installed IE8 on one of my windows PC's for testing my various websites compatibility.

What a pain! Warning pop up after warning pop up until I went to Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level and changed settings so I could browse sites normally without having to click OK every 2 flaming seconds.


eXeTeL HSPA and Mobile
Still very happy with the move to eXeTeL HSPA and mobile plan.
Compared to the previous Telstra service the savings are significant - really significant - and the service is great.
Phone works as good as the previous provider and cheaper by between $30 to $80 per month.
Wireless broad band usage is billed pay as you go so if not used no charge and there is no noticeable difference in speed although testing

More Reasons Why I Dont Buy ASUS

Problems with an ASUS W3V Notebook                

Asus service department response times. (there is not one)

Here is the short version.

  • Purchased Asus W3V in September 2005

  • Machine regularly bluescreens without logic as to what is causing other than always a graphics driver error. could happen twice in one day or once a month..

  • Machine has been shut down several times placed in carry bag and when removed fan is running, blue light flashing and machine extremely hot.