Ubercart 3 GST

Apply Australian GST and exempt export orders

Compare two data values of the same type with each other. DATA TO COMPARE
The data to be compared, specified by using a data selector, e.g. "node:author:name".
Selected data: order:delivery-address:country

The comparison operator.

The value to compare the data with.
Value *

Downloading MYOB Trial

Have been looking around for a personal and small business accounting software package recently and thought I would give MYOB a try.

Visited the MYOB website and selected the version that I thought would suit best. The trial MYOB software trial version that was chosen to download was MYOB account right basics 2011 AU version.

Total file size for this exe was 143 MB and on BigPond cable liberty elite plan this 143 MB file took more than 3 hours to download.

Qantas QF11 Sydney Los Angeles

Recently flew Qantas QF11 from Sydney to Los Angeles and this was the first time flying on an Airbus A380. I did not find it superior to flying a Boeing 747 and if I have a choice in the future I will choose a 747 flight in favor of the A380.

The seats are much harder with less padding in this new A380 and unfortunately Qantas is meant to be upgrading their 747 fleet with the same style seats.