Carnival Legend Honolulu to Sydney

Carnival Line, I think most customers feel that if you want us to spend money with you, a really great way to facilitate enjoyable spending is where you might create an environment in which people actually want to spend money with your business. Where Carnival in my opinion fail dismally is that they appear to be blatantly trying to create an environment where their customers are forced to spend with them at excessively inflated prices or go without.

Hotel Schweizerhof Bern

Arrived at this hotel to check in late at around 11:00PM and very keen to get to the room and sleep.

Check in person insisted on showing us the room and asked several times if we wanted help with bags which we refused. For a start we had dragged them more than half way around the world already including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam and Paris without a problem and that night just wanted to get to the room with the least amount of fuss via the fastest method.

Telsat Broadband Vanuatu

On a recent trip to Vanuatu needed an internet connection and noticed a wireless network in Port Vila called Telsat Broadband.

Really needed internet connection so purchased Telsat Pre-Paid 6000 for 6,000vt with 2.00 GB download speed 256.00 Kbps and upload speed 96.00 Kbps with 1 Month validity.

StarHotels Terminus Naples

This hotel has one thing going for it which is that it is right across the road from the main central rail station.

On walking into the lobby and finding 5 or 6 uniformed staff waiting behind the reception counter all looked impressive.

It was around 3.30 and check in time is advertised as 2:00PM.

We are asked for both passports etc again and after a few minutes and discussion between several of the staff we are told the room is not ready.