Finnair 3244 Rome (FCO) to Helsinki (HEL)

This Finnair flight was on an Airbus A321 from Rome to Helsinki. From the departure gate in Rome all passengers board a bus which transports everyone way around to the other side of the airport to board the aircraft via stairs.

Finnair aircraft are always clean and the decor light and bright. Flight time was approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes and an interesting feature is the nose camera feed into everyone's seatback LCD monitors during takeoff and landing.

The Finnair cabin crew were all extremely pleasant and happy throughout the entire flight.

Hotel Sonya Roma Italy

Hotel Sonya Via del Viminale, 58 00184 Roma Italy

With the last really good hotel we stayed in being the one in Helsinki this hotel was a welcome change.

The hotel in Venizia was good too and it would be hard to claim one as better, as the staff were friendly and helpful at both, and the rooms were clean and a good size.

About the only thing that could be said about the room we had at Hotel Sonya is that the shower enclosure was small although I fitted ok at 6' and around 95 – 100 kg so this could only be a problem for larger people.

Treno from Napoli to Roma

Treno Napoli 11:50 to Roma 13:00

One hour and five minutes scheduled trip time. The first class carriages on these trains are clean and comfortable.

The seats are wide, they feel wider than the DB ones in Germany.

There is complimentary drinks and snacks served during the trip. The trip on the express from Napoli to Roma takes around 1 hour.