American Airlines Flagship Lounge T4 LAX

Even though our arrival flight QF17 was late, and the as expected immigration lines at LAX were long and slow, we had allowed plenty of time to make our way from Tom Bradley International across to Terminal 4 for our connecting flight AA28 to JFK. Once clearing security at Terminal 4 the American Airlines lounges entry are on the right just after the first gate. On presentation of our boarding passes we were handed black Flagship access cards and told to make our way to the next level and use the door on the left which is the Flagship lounge.

Qantas QF17 Sydney to Los Angeles

When initially booking Qantas flight QF17 SYD-LAX as a segment of multiple flights the operating aircraft A380 seating configuration was the same original layout configuration in place since Qantas first started flying A380 Airbus. Qantas started upgrading business class seating to "The Business" style as is now installed in all Qantas A330 and all B787 aircraft midway through 2019.

QF15 Brisbane to Los Angeles

This trip to Las Vegas started in Sydney with QF510 a Boeing 737 flight from Sydney to Brisbane connecting with QF 15 to Los Angeles. This connection requires a terminal change in Brisbane from Domestic to international, there is a free shuttle bus running regularly between terminals. Our travel class on QF15 was premium economy and the flight from Sydney to Brisbane was in economy. QF15  equipment was Boeing 747 and inflight service for this 13 hour flight was great as always from Qantas crew.

AA 1495 LAX to LAS

After flying with Qantas Sydney to Brisbane then on to Los Angeles our connection to Las Vegas was with American Airlines flight number 1495, equipment scheduled for our flight that day was an Airbus 320 scheduled departing time was 10:45AM. This aircraft was almost brand new and we were seated in row 2. As we taxied after leaving the gate I fell asleep, the many double espresso's I had in the lounge prior did not keep me awake! i did wake as the aircraft began turning and I saw that we turned and lined up on a taxiway not the runway.

Delta 4816 Los Angeles To Las Vegas

Recently booked a flight with Delta, flight number 4816 Los Angeles To Las Vegas. This was booked as a continuation following Flight QF11 from Sydney to Los Angeles.

QF11 was scheduled to arrive at 09:40 and Delta 4816 scheduled to depart at 14:00 on the same day. This allowed 4 hours and 20 minutes to disembark, clear immigration, collect luggage, clear customs, make way to the Delta terminal and check in.

Three months after making this booking and payment in full we received an email from Delta advising that the flight had changed to;

Qantas QF11 Sydney Los Angeles

Recently flew Qantas QF11 from Sydney to Los Angeles and this was the first time flying on an Airbus A380. I did not find it superior to flying a Boeing 747 and if I have a choice in the future I will choose a 747 flight in favor of the A380.

The seats are much harder with less padding in this new A380 and unfortunately Qantas is meant to be upgrading their 747 fleet with the same style seats.