Qantas QF4 Honolulu to Sydney

Our return flight from Honolulu to Sydney was on a Qantas 747 and we had seats on the upper deck again. This is a daytime flight leaving Honolulu in the morning and arriving in Sydney the following afternoon. The aircraft next to ours at the gate in Honolulu was a Korean 747-800 a model which is not a common sight!

Inflight service was great all we had to do on arrival back in Sydney was make it to our hotel and sleep!

Apartment in Downtown Honolulu with Parking

We booked a Spacious Hotel/Apartment in Downtown Honolulu with Parking for 5 nights. We liked the location and found it suited us better than Waikiki. There is a good range of restaurants and stores close by. The apartment we booked via airBNB is on a high level and well appointed. The kitchen was a little greasy on some surfaces and plugin deodorisers were overpowering but once we unplugged these and stored them in a cupboard the odor dissipated.

This apartment was a good choice for our needs in Honolulu.

Hawaiian Airlines HA265 Maui Kahului to Oahu Honolulu

Maui - Kahului, HI (OGG) to Oahu - Honolulu, HI (HNL) • Flight HA 265 • First • 717
Depart 1:07p Arrival 1:50p (TERMINAL 1) Duration 43m
As with our flight down to Maui from Honolulu the aircraft was a Boeing 717. this is a short flight. Kahului airport although small has shops and a food court, we gave the Hawaiian lounge a miss.

It appeared our departure may have interrupted someones game of golf.

Hawaiian Airlines HA 276

We had booked Hawaiian Airlines HA 276 to connect down to Maui following our arrival into Honolulu on Qantas. flight details Oahu - Honolulu, HI (HNL) to Maui - Kahului, HI (OGG) • Flight HA 276 • First • 717
Depart 11:54a (TERMINAL 1) Arrival 12:39p Duration 45m
Hawaiian like Qantas are one of the very few carriers using the Boeing 717 which is an old aircraft design but is a well proven aircraft with a great safety record.

Carnival Legend Honolulu to Sydney

Carnival Line, I think most customers feel that if you want us to spend money with you, a really great way to facilitate enjoyable spending is where you might create an environment in which people actually want to spend money with your business. Where Carnival in my opinion fail dismally is that they appear to be blatantly trying to create an environment where their customers are forced to spend with them at excessively inflated prices or go without.

Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Honolulu

Sheraton Princess Kaiulani located in Waikiki Honolulu really is a "has been" property.

On picking up the room access cards after checking in earlier in the day at the start of a seven night stay the check-in person banged on about checkout time being 11:00AM. She even wrote the checkout time of 11:00 AM down for us on the little cardboard folder for the room swipe cards before handing them to us just incase we didn't comprehend what she was saying..

If we had not have been locked into a prepaid deal we would have checked out within 5 minutes of seeing the room.

My Cruises

We booked flights, hotel and a cruise with My Cruises more than 365 days in advance.. Asked them to secure the flight and seats when they became available and had to pay the full deposit early as they claimed the flights were not refundable even though it was the full Jetstar Business Max tickets which Jetstar Claim are refundable.