Night Train München Hauptbahnhof to Wein

Night train München Hauptbahnhof 23:40 – Wein Meidling 06:00

This night train compartment was a huge improvement on the DB service from Berlin to München Hauptbahnhof.

The compartment was very roomy and appeared to be able to be configured for 3 sleeping bunks above each other so with 2 only there was a lot of room.

It was roomier that the SR night train but did not have the WC in the compartment. May have been something to do with the tracks but this train was noisy for a large part of the night so sleeping was difficult.

A Raining Public Holiday in Munchen

We arrived here at around 6:00am after the previous nights train from Berlin to find it raining steadily and almost everything closed for a public holiday = not much at all to do.

We went to the DB rail office to see if we could get a refund for the night train that night to Vienna and go earlier on a day train instead which would be much quicker anyway.

Although this DB employee seemed nice were were told they could not refund it as it had been booked in another location/country, we had booked this in neighbouring Denmark.

Berlin to München Hauptbahnhof Night Train

Night Train Departs Berlin 21:05 – Arrives München Hauptbahnhof 07:05

After the favorable night train experience from Stockholm to Kobenhaven this next night train trim was a huge let down.

The entire carriage smelt very stale. The sleeping compartment is extremely small, I would estimate that it would be lucky if it was even a third of the size of the SR night train compartment.

Windows in the carriage cannot be opened which may be part of the cause of the stale air.

ICE Hamburg Berlin

On this train our reserved seats were not in the compartment as they were on the ICE Kobenhaven - Hamburg service and were a single row facing each other against a window.

Without the compartment this carriage felt roomier. According to the speed readout on an lcd panel on the wall at one end of the carriage this train reached 229 klm/h on several occasions.

Hamburg Inter City Hotel

Hamburg Inter City Hotel

This hotel was modern and reasonably new. They had only made the room up for one person though as there was only 1 towel and one pillow. We called reception and told them and went out for a few hours.

When we returned there was another pillow but still only 1 towel. We asked for the additional towel when we next went out and it had been left in the room when we returned. This hotel is close and handy to the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.