TVG Lyra 9287 from Paris Gare De Lyon to Berne Switzerland

Attempting to book a train like this from Australia will continually divert you to the rail Europe Australian site. Using a UK IP address avoids this and you can access the UK booking site.

Total price was 236 euro for 2 people in first class which they call LYRIAPREMIERE PICCOLO.

Service on board was a meal at your seat which neither of us really ate and a drink with one refill offered.

Hotel du Cadran Paris

Hotel du Cadran standard room appears to be relatively new fit-out with plasterboard walls dividing rooms and is extremely small at approximately 2.5 by 2 meters, excluding bathroom which is around 1.5 x 1.5 meters.

There are no tea/coffee making facilities in the room and with 2 suitcases most will be struggling for space in these rooms. Very small shower/bathroom and water sprays out a lot due to the shower design.

We were awoken a lot over 2 nights with the sound of someone snoring all night long from another room through the plasterboard walls.

Eurail Train Paris – Amsterdam

Here once again there were discrepancies with Eurail cost expectations and problems with booking compulsory reservations.

We caught the Paris Metro from La Tour Maubourg across to Gare de Lyon firstly to checkout the trip to the station we planned to leave from and to make reservations for travel using Eurail passes to Amsterdam then on to London from Amsterdam.

We arrived at Gare de Lyon and proceeded to make the compulsory Eurail reservations. We must have had a trainee or something serving us as this took more than an hour.

Night Train Tren Hotel Barcelona to Paris

This was the same type of train as the night train from Milano to Barcelona.

Scheduled to depart Barcelona Franca at 21:05 and arrive at Paris Gare de Lyon at 09:01 this train was close to scheduled arrival.

Didn't bother with the dining car on this one after the last experience from Milano to Barcelona a few days earlier.

This was actually the only Eurail pass train we could get out of Barcelona and the compulsory reservation cost was once again 110 Euro each or 220 Euro in total.

Les Jardins D Eiffel

This hotel is located within a short walking distance of the Eiffel Tower.

Getting to the hotel from Gare de Lyon on the Paris metro which is apparently the busiest metro in Europe other than Moscow was straight forward with just one train change required.

Our room at the back of the hotel had a large balcony area which appeared to be the only balcony of this type for the hotel.