SBB EC 51 from Bern to Milano Centrale

This would be without a doubt the absolute worst train trip we have ever experienced and that includes Sydney rail experiences! We have used London metro, Paris metro, Los Angeles trains, Tokyo metro, Kyoto metro and Japan rail, Hong Kong Rail, Italian Rail, Barcelona metro, German trains, Finland, Swedish, Danish and Singapore trains, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane rail and yes this Swiss one is without doubt the very worst by a long margin.

Vertrek Intercity Amsterdam to Brussels

08:54 Vertrek Intercity Amsterdam to Brussels

This train arrived at the platform after 08:45 but still left on time.

A faster Thalys express train left Amsterdam station almost an hour earlier but that train required reservations and we had been told in Paris that there were no seats available for our $1000.00 + first class Eurail passes apart for the slower train to Brussels.

Eurostar Brussels to London

While waiting to board the train, after clearing immigration we decided to sit at a table with around 6 stools down either side which had no one sitting at it but there was a bag and something thin flat and square wrapped in cardboard leaning against one end.

We had observed this spot for at least 15 minutes and no one was sitting there but there was a long queue waiting to be served by the lone person behind the counter.

Eurail Train Paris – Amsterdam

Here once again there were discrepancies with Eurail cost expectations and problems with booking compulsory reservations.

We caught the Paris Metro from La Tour Maubourg across to Gare de Lyon firstly to checkout the trip to the station we planned to leave from and to make reservations for travel using Eurail passes to Amsterdam then on to London from Amsterdam.

We arrived at Gare de Lyon and proceeded to make the compulsory Eurail reservations. We must have had a trainee or something serving us as this took more than an hour.

Night Train Tren Hotel Barcelona to Paris

This was the same type of train as the night train from Milano to Barcelona.

Scheduled to depart Barcelona Franca at 21:05 and arrive at Paris Gare de Lyon at 09:01 this train was close to scheduled arrival.

Didn't bother with the dining car on this one after the last experience from Milano to Barcelona a few days earlier.

This was actually the only Eurail pass train we could get out of Barcelona and the compulsory reservation cost was once again 110 Euro each or 220 Euro in total.

TrenHotel Night Train Milano – Barcelona

This is the longest night train trip we experienced in Europe.

Most of the others leave around 23:00 or 24:00 and arrive at 06:00 or 07:00 so even if you get to sleep the entire journey it is short.

The Milano Barcelona night train leaves Milano Centrale at 19:40 and is scheduled to arrive at Barcelona Franca at 09:43 the following day.

Obviously this travels from Italy to Spain via France.

The train staff require passengers passports on departure and the passports are returned the following morning before arrival.

Treno from Napoli to Roma

Treno Napoli 11:50 to Roma 13:00

One hour and five minutes scheduled trip time. The first class carriages on these trains are clean and comfortable.

The seats are wide, they feel wider than the DB ones in Germany.

There is complimentary drinks and snacks served during the trip. The trip on the express from Napoli to Roma takes around 1 hour.

Treno from Milano to Venizia

Treno 9715 11.35AM Train Milano – Venezia scheduled to arrive 14:10

Cost of reserving the 2 first class tickets using our Eurail global pass for 2 persons was 20 Euro.

Interior of the carriges on this train is clean and roomier than the train from Zurich to Milano.

Vinyl floor feels cleaner than carpet but interior is nosier as a result.

Seating layout is typically a row of 2 seats down one side and a single row down the other. Seats are facing each other generally with a table between and 220 VAC power is available.