Qantas QF26 Tokyo Haneda - Sydney

Return flight to Australia on this round the world trip was on a Qantas B747-400 seated on the upper deck in row 14 where legroom is unrivaled! We had another flight booked on a Qantas 747 once again flying upstairs later in 2020 but unfortunately due to Covid this next 747 flight was cancelled and QF26 turned out to be our last flight on a Qantas 747-400.

Qantas QF4 Honolulu to Sydney

Our return flight from Honolulu to Sydney was on a Qantas 747 and we had seats on the upper deck again. This is a daytime flight leaving Honolulu in the morning and arriving in Sydney the following afternoon. The aircraft next to ours at the gate in Honolulu was a Korean 747-800 a model which is not a common sight!

Inflight service was great all we had to do on arrival back in Sydney was make it to our hotel and sleep!

Cathay CX252 LHR HKG

We have always found Cathay to be great, good aircraft layouts, first to upgrade us ages ago!! excellent service and lounges. With the demise of the B747 the B777 is close to providing the same or better feel of available space.

Although service may seem a little rushed at times what airline does not feel that way at times, and Cathay are a great airline to fly in any class.

BA274 LAS to LHR

We have actually flown this same flight previously, last time in economy. This trip we were in business class upstairs on the Boeing 747 experiencing British airways unique front to back seating. Pre flight the lounge was the same as last time. Previously flying economy we had lounge access via Priority Pass this time due to being in business class. The seat is very different if anything it does not feel as wide as the Qantas Skybeds but there is plenty of legroom.

QF15 Brisbane to Los Angeles

This trip to Las Vegas started in Sydney with QF510 a Boeing 737 flight from Sydney to Brisbane connecting with QF 15 to Los Angeles. This connection requires a terminal change in Brisbane from Domestic to international, there is a free shuttle bus running regularly between terminals. Our travel class on QF15 was premium economy and the flight from Sydney to Brisbane was in economy. QF15  equipment was Boeing 747 and inflight service for this 13 hour flight was great as always from Qantas crew.

Regal Hotel Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong

We stayed at the Regal Hotel at Hong Kong airport back in 2010 for a couple of nights and thought that the 24-hour stay  blocks they offer from the time you check in to be a terrific idea. Back then we arrived in Hong Kong earlier in the morning and were able to proceed straight to the hotel reception where we checked in without a problem and the room was large and comfortable with a great outlook over the airport. The train between the airport and Kowloon or Hong Kong Island is very convenient between the airport and these locations even considering the train ticket price.

BA274 Las Vegas To London Heathrow

This flight for the time being confirmed my preference for the B747 over the A380 and we had middle row seats on this B747 flight and our row was full!

The seats are much better padded and more comfortable.

Not a lot of inflight service on this particular flight and the cabin during the night got uncomfortably overheated and hot. Delays landing, the flight had to hold for some time over the UK and the immigration line in Heathrow was over 45 minutes long.

Used the United Club Las at Las Vegas before leaving which was a nice lounge with good service.