Bigpond Cable Ultimate

Hmm just returned to my Bigpond Cable Ultimate connection after being away for over a week and noticed there has been a firmware upgrade. I noticed a few days ago that a VPN connection to the location went off and back on line at one stage.

The software version from setup a few months ago was and speed tests were great but browsing often felt as if there were lags especially compared to using dual WAN ADSL at another location.

Winbind Crashing Rhythmbox Music Player

If you happen to be using a mixed network of Windows and Linux PC'c you may have Samba and Winbind installed.

If so Rhythmbox music player may be crashing everytime it is started.

This was happening in Ubuntu 10.04.

One fix is to go to synaptic and remove the Winbind package or use sudo apt-get remove winbind in a terminal.

A fix that seems to work while leaving Winbind installed is to edit nsswitch.conf.

In a terminal type sudo gedit /etc/nsswitch.conf and find the line

Upgrade Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10

Last week I upgraded a desktop PC from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10.

The process was reasonably smooth and required user input only a few times through the upgrade.

There was an issue with networking that required attention after the upgrade. This desktop had been using WICD for network settings and the upgrade removed WICD and re installed Gnome network manager which added dhcp settings to the static ip settings in /etc/network/interfaces. As soon as this additional entry was commented out everything worked.

Sync HTC Touch WM6 | Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

When I switched over to Ubuntu as my primary operating system there were several issues with integrating some existing hardware. Possibly the issue that consumed so much time trying to sort out was syncing my HTC Touch Diamond mobile phone with a linux email client. Syncing directly from Ubuntu to the phone just did not seem to work reliably at all. Synchronisations didnt seem to be automated and there were many times where the entire calendar and contacts were filled with multiple duplicates.

Nvidia Drivers Ubuntu 9.04 Geforce 8600M GS Notebook

I use a Pioneer notebook fitted with a Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS graphics card. This Geforce card has a DVI output and in the office, and at home, I use twin screen settings in the Nvidia X Server Settings to output to both the notebook screen as the primary screen and to a 19" widescreen monitor as the secondary screen. This set up is handy for referring to one window while working on another for instance with both windows maximised.