A4TECH Keyboard Home Key

Have a few A4 TECH wireless keyboard mouse combos in network circulation now and a really annoying additional shortcut key on A4 TECH wireless keyboard GL-100 models is the close proximity of the "HOME" shortcut key right beside (around 8mm) the right Ctrl key.

You may well find you are always opening many multiples of the users home folder directory when using linux operating systems such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Winbind Crashing Rhythmbox Music Player

If you happen to be using a mixed network of Windows and Linux PC'c you may have Samba and Winbind installed.

If so Rhythmbox music player may be crashing everytime it is started.

This was happening in Ubuntu 10.04.

One fix is to go to synaptic and remove the Winbind package or use sudo apt-get remove winbind in a terminal.

A fix that seems to work while leaving Winbind installed is to edit nsswitch.conf.

In a terminal type sudo gedit /etc/nsswitch.conf and find the line

Nvidia Drivers Ubuntu 9.04 Geforce 8600M GS Notebook

I use a Pioneer notebook fitted with a Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS graphics card. This Geforce card has a DVI output and in the office, and at home, I use twin screen settings in the Nvidia X Server Settings to output to both the notebook screen as the primary screen and to a 19" widescreen monitor as the secondary screen. This set up is handy for referring to one window while working on another for instance with both windows maximised.

New Personal Site

So here we are with a personal collection of information, opinions and occasional fact for personal use.

The site theme is to collect, collate and store relevant information for future personal use and reference.

Topics range from web site design and hosting through to finance and home loan information, water skiing, competitive sporting shooting and consumer experiences in general.

This website is built with Drupal and hosted on our own server.