GridVirt VPS

Some time ago I wrote about US VPS hosting where the initial provider did not work out and we moved to another that seemed much better. That newer host was ticking along fine until we receive that email saying that everything on the server had been lost and that they hoped we had our own backups. We had actually been paying that provider for additional off-site backups but it took almost another day to receive confirmation that they had found them and an overnight to restore the backups.

U64 Premium Experience Update

11/27/2012 10:45

Hello , I started getting a lot of Excessive Resource Usage alerts at around 20:00 Australian East coast time +11:00, about 40 minutes ago

I am unable to access the server at all. I have tried http, ssh and VMware vSphere

I have tried access from various locations to rule out the firewall

My site uptime monitoring is reporting all sites down from Australia, US west Coast and Netherlands.

VPSBlocks Initial Review

I had been really impressed and happy with the recent move to 64U Premium in the US and the performance had really highlighted how bad, our at that time current, Australian based VPS could occasionally be. I am suspicious that the ongoing problems that have consumed hours of my time over the past few years may be a result of overselling on Virtuozzo

cPanel VPS Experience Review

Recently decided to obtain another VPS running cPanel and Centos that was located in the US, preferably on the west coast, to take some of the load off the Australian-based VPS we have been using for several years.

Did a lot of research on the Internet reading reviews of different VPS hosting providers and noticed an interesting trend where some sites were filled with glowing reviews of a certain provider while other sites were filled with really bad reviews of the same provider!

New Personal Site

So here we are with a personal collection of information, opinions and occasional fact for personal use.

The site theme is to collect, collate and store relevant information for future personal use and reference.

Topics range from web site design and hosting through to finance and home loan information, water skiing, competitive sporting shooting and consumer experiences in general.

This website is built with Drupal and hosted on our own server.