Mobile Phone SMS Security

When I first began to encounter SMS validation as a security measure it really annoyed me because I find it extremely presumptuous that any system developer would assume that everyone has mobile phone service or even the fact that everyone might actually have a mobile phone.

Bigpond Cable Ultimate

Hmm just returned to my Bigpond Cable Ultimate connection after being away for over a week and noticed there has been a firmware upgrade. I noticed a few days ago that a VPN connection to the location went off and back on line at one stage.

The software version from setup a few months ago was and speed tests were great but browsing often felt as if there were lags especially compared to using dual WAN ADSL at another location.

Bigpond Cable Netgear CG3100

Recently upgraded from Bigpond Cable Elite to Bigpond Cable Ultimate. This in itself is not a task for the timid dealing with Telstra! 

Here are a few images of the modem router from Netgear. the interface has been "dumbed down" as there are not a lot of user settings possible apart for wireless really.

Mobile Phone Providers

Interesting to see the interest raised recently by website Vodafail.

A few years back I was working at a location where mobile phone reception was patchy with my Telstra service so I purchased an Optus and a Vodaphone pre-paid SIM to test their respective services.

Telstra Never Again

Goodbye Telstra

Telstra have lied and ripped me off once again and this time I have resolved to move every possible service away from Telstra and never return, even if it costs.

The great news is eXeTel HSPA SIM's and VOIP.

I have moved from a GSM mobile phone service x2 and a NextG USB wireless card to the new eXeTel HSPA broadband SIM cards with voice.

In many locations the data speed is better than the Telstra NextG service and I am saving between $30 and $70 per month with each mobile phone service.