Travelodge Hobart Review

Recently booked a 4 night stay via Qantas hotels at the Travelodge Hobart which is located on the corner of Harrington and Macquarie Streets in Hobart.

The bottom line is that we booked and paid for a 22 m2 Standard Queen Room and were allocated a room smaller than the 17 m2 Budget Queen room and since then the Travelodge Hobart Hotel staff have lied, stating that we were in a Standard Queen Room, refused to make any contact whatsoever and continued to lie by informing the Qantas Hotels Team Horoo that we declined an offer to relocate and also lied to Qantas Hotels Team Horoo by stating that all their rooms are 22 m2.

Judging from some online advertisements for the Travelodge Hobart none of their rooms are 22 m2?

When booking the hotel via the Qantas Hotels website there were several room options to choose from as was reflected on several other hotel booking sites such as Wotif and These options were;

  • Budget Queen - These compact 17 metre squared rooms feature a queen bed, en-suite with shower, TV & tea & coffee making facilities. Maximum occupancy is 2 adults.
  • Executive Queen - Queen Bed with lounge area & en-suite. Kitchenette - microwave, tea & coffee facilities, LCD TV and Austar. Wi-Fi available (charges apply).  no size stated.
  • Standard Queen - The Standard Queen rooms are 22 square metres in size and have a queen bed with an ensuite bathroom, air-conditoning, kitchenette with tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Checking on Wotif the Travelodge Hobart hotel is claiming that all the above rooms are 28 square meters except for the Budget Queen Room and the Budget Twin Room which are advertised as 17 m2 and there is also an Executive Suite advertised as 32 square meters on Wotif. It is very interesting to note that when viewed on Wotif the room sizes are displayed but these disappear when the page is printed.
  • Checking with there are different rooms advertised with sizes available listed as 17, 28, and 32 sq-meter rooms.

A Standard Queen room which was advertised on Qantas website as "The Standard Queen rooms are 22 square metres in size and have a queen bed with an ensuite bathroom, air-conditoning, kitchenette with tea and coffee making facilities." was booked via the Qantas Hotels booking website.

Arrived at this hotel around 10:00PM at night and as an appointment was already made dumped bags in the very small room and went out.

On return to the room later that night the room was paced out and it measured a little more than 5 metres in length (definitely not 6 metres) and approximately 2.5 metres wide, (definitely not 3 metres wide).

This would make the actual room approximately 12.5 M2, and without any doubt whatsover, while being optimistically generous, certainly no bigger than 17 M2. The wardrobe bathroom, yep thats a bathroom in a wardrobe, is within this maximum total space. the bed is not a full size bed, queen or double.

Went down to speak with reception about the size of the room and was told that we were definitely in a Standard Queen room. Went back to reception again the same night and asked for the manager, was told the manager would not be in until 9:00AM the following morning. Left name and mobile number with reception and asked for the Travelodge Hobart manager to call regarding the situation as soon as he was in the following morning.

The manager has never called. Later the next morning after not hearing from the Travelodge at all we organised a standard queen room at the Mantra on Collins which by the way was excellent, the bathroom was almost as big as the entire room at the Travelodge Hobart. We had a busy schedule arranged and no time to waste waiting for the Travelodge Hobart to ever contact us.

The room allocated by Travelodge Hobart was also filthy, stains on pillows, mould in the extremely small bathroom which is literally in a wardrobe and it is a very noisy hotel from the street and multiple airconditioning units right outside. Additionally there was a lot of building and construction going on and there were food trays left scatterd in the corridor the entire time we put up with this dump before moving on later the next morning. We returned 2 days later to see if there were any messages left in the room and the same pile of food trays from 2 days earlier was still piled up outside the only lift.

The bathroom in this Travelodge Hobart Hotel room is in the wardrobe, or where the wardrobe used to be, see the photos below it is hilarious, unless you need to use it!

 The small bathroom area is part of the total sub 17 m2 of this tiny room.

On return home and checking the original booking it was confirmed we had in fact booked and paid for a Standard Queen Room with the Travelodge Hobart which was advertised as 22 M2. Telephoned the Travelodge Hobart that night and as soon as the phone was answered was asked to wait on hold. The line went dead around 30 seconds after being placed on hold. Rang back, the phone rang, sounded as if it was picked up and then the line went dead again, Rang twice more and the same thing happened.

Emailed details of the above to Qantas Hotels and the next day received this response;

Dear Customer,
I hope this email reaches you just fine.
This is regarding booking QF****** in Travelodge Hobart and we have receive a response from them, please see hotel's email below:

"All of our guest rooms are 22m2.

The guest was offered a relocation for the following morning, as the hotel was 100% occupied at the time of the request, late in the evening of 17th March 2016. Mr Customer declined this
Mr. Customer also complained that he is 6 feet tall and his feet overhung the bed. Mr Customer booked a queen size bed, if he was aware of his own height, he should know what bedding requirements he needs and it is not the hotel's responsibility on this matter. In regards to the "Air conditioning" units directly outside his window. I strongly disagree with this notion and in the 2.5 years they have been in operation, not one single complaint has been received from any of the 4 rooms located in this wing that overlook a bank of units 2 levels below the guests room and which make no noise what so ever.
Being the guest has proceeded to book an alternate hotel without actually informing the hotel, the hotel was unable to re-sell the room during nights running at 100% occupancy, so I am unable to offer a refund for 3 nights' accommodation
I also have camera footage of a male guest kicking room service trays and food up our level 2 hallway, leading to this guests room, Which co-incidentally happened within 15 minutes of Mr Customer complaining at reception. Based on this, I not be providing a refund to cover the cleaning fee's associated with this claim"

That said, we are unable to process any refund without hotel's approval. We are required to adhere to hotel's discretion on this matter.
Should you have any further questions regarding the booking, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'd be more than glad to assist.


The above is the only response ever received from the Travelodge Hobart. In this response they claim that all their rooms are 22 m2 while on various hotel booking sites they are advertising rooms with sizes including 17 m2, 22 m2, 28 m2 and 32 m2

We were never offered a relocation because the person on reception maintained thet were were actually in a Standard Queen Room as we had booked.

Pointed these facts out to Qantas hotels/Team Horoo and received this response;

Dear Customer,
I hope this email reaches you just fine.
The hotel advised that they will be contacting you directly to discuss the booking further.
If you have further queries or concerns, please feel free to email back and I'd be more than happy to assist.

Obviously at the time of writing the Travelodge Hobart hotel had never made contact. The Travelodge Hobart is part of the TFE group of hotels and TFE group were contacted by phone, the receptionist stated she would have the manager of the hotel contact me right away and when I expressed my doubts that would happen the receptionist stated that the hotels area manager would be in contact. No contact has ever been made and an email detailing the events was sent to TFE hotels feedback email address, no response has been received from TFE Hotels Group.

Lesson learned moving forward is never book another Travelodge Hotel, especially not the Travelodge Hobart. Will not waste time booking via Qantas Hotels or Team Horoo as non existent support there and they continue to advertise this hotel in light of the irregularities of which have been brought to their attention. TFE hotels cannot be bothered even responding so that also now adds Adina Aprtment Hotels, Medina Serviced Apartments, Rendezvous Hotels, Vibe Hotels, Travelodge Hotels, TFE Hotels Collection and Far East Hospitality properties to the list we will never ever consider.

Here is a very small selection of reviews collated from other sites indicating that ours was not a one off incident;

"Not a good room for 4 star hotel - very small and dirty walls and dirty shower walls - complained to staff - nothing was done - the room had nowhere to stow luggage and looked like it used to be a cleaners room - not recommended as 4 star!! Should only be 1 or 2 star!"

"We felt our room was 'budget cell' for two people for two nights. We felt that having booked through Wotif we were given the cheapest, smallest room available. We were not offered an upgrade."

"No Parking, even overflow full Lift broke down , staff didn't know where the Tech was or his number. Room was extremely small Beds uncomfortable Miniscule bathroom"

"I booked this as a 4* mystery hotel in the relevant area of Hobart, near Salamanca The only mystery was why was it a 4* The rooms were small, unable to open a suitcase apart from being on the bed as there was not enough room to open it anywhere else There were 2 lifts, which are undergoing repair and 1 was completely unusable and will be for at last another month until April, causing lots of delays getting in / out and most people ended up using the staircases. The noise level from traffic was noticeable all night."

"Our room was very small and it was located to a stairwell that closed very loudly all night"

"Renovations under way plenty of dust not good for the lungs also has asbestos signs up 1 lift out of action 10 minute up and down to get to my floor on the second floor no hanging hooks in the bathroom"

"Staff were extremely friendly, which is a big tick in my book. Beds were pretty old and uncomfortable, bathroom was awful. Tiny and very outdated, no fan either. As soon as you turn the shower on the bathroom becomes about 40 degrees. There isn't even a mini bar in the rooms... I mean sure there's a fridge, but nothing in it?! Brochure in the room states the mini bar is in the lobby...not sure how that works really. We had booked for 3 people and only had 2 towels. Overall, a bit of a dump really. Wouldn't stay there again."

"The bathroom was so small you could not get into the shower without bashing your elbows. Bathroom smaller than a cruise ship. Very unhappy the lift was also being serviced and had to wait forever for it And you have to pay extra to park what a joke!"

"Staff very helpful. Management was to contact us regarding our room as it was very noisy but didn't bother. Breakfast was ok. Expected much more due to the high rate of payment. Was given another room which was a disabled room with2 single beds. Bathroom was flooded with water after having a shower"

Complaints about the Travelodge Hobart seem to just go on and on, add your review of the Travelodge Hobart to ensure others are warned.

Update Edit; 14 days after checking into this hotel we were contacted via email by the hotel manager and offered a refund for three nights which was accepted. The hotel manager continued to maintain that he had personally measured and it was 22.1 m2 and that our room was exactly the same as all other rooms..

Once again on this issue of Travelodge Hobart room size one could examine any of the following possible conclusions, which are in no particular order;

  • The hotel staff have no idea how to measure and calculate area?
  • The hotel staff have absolutely no idea which room we were actually were in?
  • The hotel is participating in misleading advertising, "if all their rooms are 22 m2" ?
  • Someone is making claims about room size which are simply not true?

Coincidentally just after being contacted by the Travelodge Hobart hotel manager, the Tasmania Consumer Affairs department followed up on our complaint about the hotel. Our actual complaint has been closed, dependent on receiving the 3 nights refund, but is recorded. If anyone else feels that they have paid Travelodge Hobart for a larger room and had a smaller room allocated contact Tasmania Consumer Affairs with the details.

"All our rooms are 22 m2" "All our rooms are 22 m2" Continue reading reviews on sites such as Tripadvisor and Wotif which reveal other discrepancies and do not consider staying at this place.