Telstra Never Again

Goodbye Telstra

Telstra have lied and ripped me off once again and this time I have resolved to move every possible service away from Telstra and never return, even if it costs.

The great news is eXeTel HSPA SIM's and VOIP.

I have moved from a GSM mobile phone service x2 and a NextG USB wireless card to the new eXeTel HSPA broadband SIM cards with voice.

In many locations the data speed is better than the Telstra NextG service and I am saving between $30 and $70 per month with each mobile phone service.

I also have an ADLS1 384/8000 plan with eXetel and another with aanet.

Because of Telstra's attitude and the continual waste of time having to call them regarding billing rip-off's I have been using VOIP almost exclusively for the last few years.

Current VOIP providers include Ozetll/Net2max, eXeTel, Sipme, Pennytel and Voxalot.

Telstra as an organisation has good products. Telstra as an organisation has some very incompetent and often rude and arrogant sales and accounts personnel with a real overdose of attitude.

It does not matter how good Telstra products are, consumers will not continue to patronise the attitude and BS.