Night Train München Hauptbahnhof to Wein

Night train München Hauptbahnhof 23:40 – Wein Meidling 06:00

This night train compartment was a huge improvement on the DB service from Berlin to München Hauptbahnhof.

The compartment was very roomy and appeared to be able to be configured for 3 sleeping bunks above each other so with 2 only there was a lot of room.

It was roomier that the SR night train but did not have the WC in the compartment. May have been something to do with the tracks but this train was noisy for a large part of the night so sleeping was difficult.

There was one steward looking after this carriage who was very friendly, efficient and helpful.

This train continues on so if you are travelling to Wein you alight at Wein Meidling which is a different rail station to the Wien Westbahnhof which seems to be the main station for the majority of departures.