Maui Bay Adults Only Beach Villas

First hand review of the Maui Bay Adults Only Beach Villas stay February 2018.

Note; this property changed its name to "The View Fiji" shortly after this review was posted.

There is not much else around this location, there is a service station across the road, a "supermarket" which is more like a small general store with limited range of items, there is a bar and restaurant which appears to be part of the non adults only Maui Bay Holiday Villas, we went to try out this restaurant and Bar one night around 7:00PM only to find it closed! We went to purchase a bottle of wine at this "supermarket" on the second day which was labled as $13.95, on presentation at checkout it was rung up as $21.99 and when questioned was told the label was wrong and the checkout person ripped it off the bottle, as a result we did not purchase anything from this store period frown.

Problems with the Maui Bay Adults Only Beach Villas Fiji while we were there

  • Electricity randomly drops out, a lot, especially noticeable at night. Most evenings we could hear electrical arcing outside our villa under ground similar to the sound of an arc welder when it first strikes. Very concerned there will be an electrical accident here eventually resulting in death.
  • When the electricity does black out there is no water, for example if you are in the shower it stops flowing water. Meanwhile other properties nearby were observed each and every time with lights still on while the power was out at Maui Bay Adults Only Beach Villas.
  • On that note there was rarely any hot water in our villa. Once after being under the cold shower for many minutes with the mixer set on hot only the water suddenly became scalding hot yet after slowly adjusting the mixer back to almost the midway point it became cold and then even turning the mixer back to the full hot position the water flow continued to remain cold.
  • Mosquitos and sandflies are bad we were getting bitten even with 80% Bushmans DEET and then 20% Bushmans DEET smeared over the top of the 80%. The ceiling fans overhead at night together with the mosquito netting around the bed blowing around kept them at bay but then as soon as the power regularly went out and the fans stopped you would get bitten. We went into Suva and purchased mosquito coils, cans of insecticide and a plugin mosquito heater with a fluid bottle. Gaps around doors and windows and no screens meant the room was always inundated with insects. We ended up burning mosquito coils inside every night as well.
  • There are very tiny ants everywhere that bite and leave the area extremely itchy to the point of painful for ages afterwards. I experienced bites in bed, in the swimming pool and at the table where we ate meals outside. These ants are almost un noticeable but if you look carefully they are everywhere.
  • Tiles in the bathroom and toilets are extremely slippery and not suited to a wet area at all. Together with uneven risers and goings on steps in the bathroom and vanity area most people will be assured of experiencing a slip and fall, we all had a turn.
  • The toilet seat is disgusting and I doubt it has ever seen disinfectant. Similar filthy toilet seat undersides were also experienced on this trip as demonstrated by the national airline Fiji Airways on our return trip.The seat was loose and slid around on the pan and was filthy on the underside especially around the rim, the toilet smelt bad e.g old urine stench. See attached photo, click the image to enlarge.
  • Filthy Toilet Seat Maui Bay Adults Only Beach Villas
  • Food, they provide a menu with approximately 4 pages but almost all options are not available, before wasting any time choosing it may be best to ask what is actually available. We had "lunch" the first day, "meal" the first night (you are asked to have your dinner orders in before 3:00PM) and dinner again on the second night. Dinner the second night was the end, we were mostly ignored all night in favor of another loud, obnoxious and obese guest and the food we did eventually receive after patiently waiting had items we had ordered missing and the servings actually provided were extremely disappointing for all four of us, I could prepare better myself without a kitchen, which it seems the staff at this property do not have (a kitchen). As a result we did not order any further drinks or food at this property - period.
  • Around 5 or 6 pm the third night staff came around and asked if we wanted anything to eat that nightsurprise so much for the 3.00PM order deadline!
  • Bed sheets had stains/marks on them in both rooms, on multiple days.
  • We were not provided with any soap until about day four and by that time we had purchased our own.
  • An annoying noisy vodka drinking guest who seemed to receive special attention from staff while staying in another villa drinking out of glass bottles and glasses in the main swimming pool area and in the actual pool on day two and three kept us away until he left and is in part responsible for us deciding the meal we had on the second night was the last meal we had at the property. This same guest had his Prius parked in a manner which made it difficult for us to enter and exit the car park for a couple of days.
  • Towards the end of our stay Maui Bay Adults Only Beach Villa staff had even commenced complaining to us about other guests who had arrived after us! Enough said. Do not consider this dump.

I simply fail to understand why there are so many favorable reviews for this property and that there is such a lack of anything negative in almost every other review. We seriously considered checking out after the second night and would have done if we were sure we would not be penalised the additional night penalty for checking out or canceling early.

We have traveled to a reasonable extent, and this occasional travel blog does not encompass all our travels, the Maui Bay Adults Only Beach Villas is extremely poor value with not one staff member displaying any type of real service aptitude during or after our stay.

As a result of Maui Bay Adults Only Beach Villas lack of cleanliness, combined with Fiji Airways return flight  poor experience Fiji will never be a potential destination consideration in the future. Would never consider Fiji again because of these two.

Cut the Maui Bay Adults Only Beach Villas property from your consideration list, and do not consider Fiji Airways who think their new "hard product" will overcome their failure to understand or deliver what they coin "soft product".

At least they both seem to offer matching toilet seats if that is your thing...

Not long after we returned home this property changed its name to "The View Fiji"