Mascot Airport Parking Review

Have over the past year had need to park near Sydney Mascot Airport domestic terminal and following research online mainly based on an article by Australian Business Traveler Where to find the cheapest parking near Sydney Airport  have used Mascot Airport Parking in Sarah Street Mascot.

By choice an older motor vehicle was always used which has been owned since new in 2001. It was noted on several occasions after collecting the vehicle from Mascot Airport Parking that there were new minor scratches in the paint work along the sides of the car that had not been there previously.

Each time the car has been collected it has been parked out in the driveway ready to drive away. The most recent time the car was collected it was left parked inside very close to a wall and another vehicle behind it and at the time it seemed strange that the attendant wanted to hang around and chat and help with lifting bags into the boot which had never ever happened before, they normally don't even acknowledge you picking it up. (this in itself is a security concern)

Driving away from Mascot Airport Parking we noticed that the dash cam was not working and that the power lead which was tucked away in the roof lining was hanging down. Further investigation of the dash cam revealed that;

The power cable to the actual camera had been unplugged and plugged back into the video out jack on the opposite side of the camera.

The cord to the UPS battery back up for the dash cam in the glove box had been disconnected.

On arrival at home while unloading bags from the boot of the car new damage to the bumper was noticed as shown in the attached photos. Either the vehicle has been backed into something or another vehicle has made contact with ours.

Then we also noticed that the removable panel covering the fuses on the lower part of the dash under the steering wheel was missing.

It is concerning when checking the terms and conditions on Mascot Airport Parking's invoices which read as follows;

Parking Conditions

(From Mascot Airport Parking Invoice, Sarah Street Mascot)

The motor vehicle described on the front hereof is left in the custody of Mascot Airport parking and its servants and agents solely at the risk of the person leaving the motor vehicle. Mascot Airport Parking, its servants and agents will not be liable for any loss or damage to the motor vehicle or the motor vehicle's accessories or contents or to any person whosoever for any loss or damage to any property stolen from the motor vehicle or damaged or otherwise lost in the motor vehicle, the Mascot Airport Parking facility or any Mascot Airport Parking motor vehicle, howsoever any such loss or damaged is caused whether by the negligence or otherwise of any person acting with or without the authority of Mascot Airport Parking is found liable in any respect, its liability Is limited to the sum of $100.00.

These Conditions shall apply at all times while the motor vehicle is parked or otherwise in the custody or control of Mascot Airport Parking and its servants. Not withstanding any demand or request to the contrary, Mascot Airport Parking and its servants and agents may move, drive or road test the motor vehicle whilst left with Mascot Airport Parking for the purpose of being parked and or serviced.

No variation or modification of these conditions will bind Mascot Airport Parking unless made in writing and signed by the proprietor of Mascot Airport Parking.

Basically the conditions you are required to sign mean there is no responsibility if damage or loss to your property occurs unless negligence on their part can be proved and then the limit of their liability is $100.00

Mascot Airport Parking were telephoned right away on finding the damage and we were told we had to ring back in a few hours at 7:30PM to speak to the boss. We phoned back at 7:30 PM and spoke to the boss and were told that we had to speak to the director Louie who would be in the next morning.

Louie was phoned the following morning and he immediately denied that anyone of his staff would have touched anything in the car, Louie stated that he trusts all of his staff and that they were all under strict instructions not to touch any thing in cars. Louie asked if we had spoken to the guy about the damage to the rear bumper when we collected the car and when we explained that it was parked so we could not see it when picking it up he said "bad luck, you should have checked the car before you collected it."

Following this experience we have found reviews from others about Mascot Airport Parking such as these reviews on True Local

Mascot Airport Parking are not cheap, they are very expensive when the cost of repairing damage and replacing missing parts like this is included in the cost, there is no way I would consider ever using them again, would you take the risk with your vehicle?

I would only ever consider using self parking where I park the car and lock it and take the keys with me in future, it does not matter if the initial cost is more expensive, the risk and over all cost will be much less.

As a matter of fact we have been parking with Sydney Airport Parking since this event in 2015 and find it no more expensive and a lot more convenient.