Hotel Schweizerhof Bern

Arrived at this hotel to check in late at around 11:00PM and very keen to get to the room and sleep.

Check in person insisted on showing us the room and asked several times if we wanted help with bags which we refused. For a start we had dragged them more than half way around the world already including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam and Paris without a problem and that night just wanted to get to the room with the least amount of fuss via the fastest method.

On the way to the room we felt there was a big sell job to pay extra and join some club which covered breakfast and internet at up to 450 hotels but there were no details on the hotels etc etc.

The room was booked and paid for on and the description included "Complimentary wired and wireless Internet access keeps you connected" so we ignored the "club" sales pitch.

Finally left alone in the room which was very nice and really well appointed in almost every respect.

Booted up the laptop with the lan cable plugged in and opened a web browser to connect and was presented with an option for 1 hour per day of internet free choked at 384kbs up and down or 1000/2000 kbs at the rate of 25 CHF per day.

Left that alone all together and fired off an email using the tablet and Roamline data simcard @ 0.38 euro per meg to the hotel info email address about this. Went out and had a look around most of the next day and as there had been no response to the email inquired at reception on return.

Someone who introduced themselves as the hotel manager was fetched and she apologised and said the problem was fixed and we had internet included.

The internet that was included was the 384kbs per second unsecured wireless version and required logging back in every hour which became a real pain when logged into other points securely.

A nice hotel in respect of the room and housekeeping but the internet issue as well as being really slow took the shine off. I think it would rate as one of the worst connections I have had at a hotel in many years.

After day one we went across to the station and purchased a pre paid Sunrise simcard for 19.90 CHF and used that for all the important data requirements we had instead.