Hilton Cairns

Although Hotel Panganelli in Venice Italy was holding personal experience top spot for the worst hotel stay during 2013 it is now well and truly "safe as hotels" after a stay at the Hilton Hotel Cairns.

Hilton Cairns


The room we had on the 8th floor facing Cairns was very tired.

  • Toilet dual flush, only one button worked and it had to be held down manually for any flush duration. The button occasionally fell out altogether. Once the flush stuck altogether and was continually flushing until the cistern lid was lifted off and replaced.
  • Pop up waste for the “spa bath” stem was rusted away and the plug assy left on the side of the bath for manual insertion.
  • Tile joints around the bath cracked and open.
  • Silicone beads around the bath and shower area filled with mould.
  • Power point in the bathroom did not work.
  • Gaps between many tiles with missing grout.
  • Mouldy blind between bathroom area and main room.
  • Ants in room.
  • Iron in the room did not work, housekeeping had to be contacted to obtain a replacement.
  • Air conditioning has a huge dead band, it is either continually running and too cold, or off and too hot, basically impossible to set at and maintain a standard 23 degrees Celsius.

Other points are as follows;

  • The “spa bath” is so small only a child could fully immerse themselves in it, basically it is unusable for an adult.
  • Shower screen is a glass sliding door with a gap under that usually ensures the majority of the bathroom floor is wet after a shower.
  • Overall the quality of housekeeping was below average.
  • Housekeeping one day did not replace any towels and left the old bath/shower mat sitting on the toilet.
  • Housekeeping the next day knocked on the door around 9:30AM and were asked if they could come back in around half an hour. At 3:30 PM housekeeping had not been back and guests had to ask reception to organise a room make up. Housekeeping turned up around 4:00PM. This time all towels were left in a single pile on the vanity.
  • Soap holders do not drain and pooled water. Everyday soap build up was left on these soap holders. There was one only cake of soap on arrival and only 2 more left over 5 days, all left to melt down in these soap dishes.
  • Each day toiletries overall were not replaced.
  • The guest book states that bed sheets will be replaced every three days, ours were not after 5 days.
  • The toilet roll holders may have been obtained from a public toilet as it takes standing and turning around and the use of both hands to obtain more than half a sheet of paper from the roll because the cover is pressing so heavy on each roll.
  • Access from rooms to the main lift lobby is open air outdoor walkways.
  • This open area between the two towers and every level also makes rooms noisy from many room doors slamming shut night and day.
  • Old cigarette butts littering the balcony garden.
  • No daily news paper delivered as advertised.