Frecciargento 9431Trentalia Venezia S. Lucia to Roma Termini

Once again this was a clean and affordable first class train trip on Trentalia Frecciargento 9431 from Venezia S. Lucia to Roma Termini.

The day we took this trip was freezing in Venice and we had a wait at the station due to checking out of the hotel and making our way to the station in good time.

We checked the scheduled platform on one of the paper timetable/schedule boards and ended up waiting outside our wagon while it was still being cleaned and well before it was listed on the electronic board. The cleaner reached the end of wagon 2 which was where our seats were and as he passed through to wagon one he asked if we were wagon 2 and then indicated for us to board already!

As it turned out we were on the train well before it departed and really appreciated the warmer air conditioning!

The train was clean, the toilets also clean and the drinks from the dining car good but a Panini was not that appetizing.

Overall another comfortable and excellent value for money Italian train trip!

Depart Venezia S. Lucia