Finnair AY73 Helsinki to Tokyo

Following our flight from Zurich Switzerland to Helsinki we connected through to Tokyo Narita airport on Finnair AY73 operated by an Airbus A350-900 our first experience in this model aircraft. Before boarding we spent time in the other Finnair lounge in Helsinki airport near gate 52, a photo of the self serve bar area is below.

With herringbone seat layouts such as this aircraft we usually travel in the center rather than the window row which is were we were seated for this flight. The seats did not feel as roomy as those on Cathay A330 and B777 for example but were lay flat and featured a reasonable amount of space. Inflight meals and service was great, possibly among one of the best breakfast servings for a flight. There must have been good tail winds during this flight I saw GPS speeds over 970 KLM/H several times and even observed 1055 KLM/H at one stage!

Finnair Business Lounge Helsinki Boarding Finnair AY73 Helsinki to Tokyo Finnair A350 Business Cabin Finnair A350 Business Welcome Screen Finnair A350 Business Legroom Finnair A350 Business Meal Screen Finnair A350 Helsinki to Narita Map Finnair A350 Business Starter Finnair A350 Business Main Meal Finnair A350 Business Fruit and Drink Finnair A350 GPS Speed Finnair A350 Business Breakfast Finnair A350 Business Cabin Daylight Finnair A350 Business Cabin Daylight Banking Approaching Narita Airport Map Approaching Narita Airport Wing and Engine Approach over Narita Airport Approach over Narita Airport Landed Narita Airport