Cathay CX252 LHR HKG

We have always found Cathay to be great, good aircraft layouts, first to upgrade us ages ago!! excellent service and lounges. With the demise of the B747 the B777 is close to providing the same or better feel of available space.

Although service may seem a little rushed at times what airline does not feel that way at times, and Cathay are a great airline to fly in any class.

Enjoyed the Cathay Lounge in LHR. We did plan on using the Cathay Arrival Lounge in Hong Kong but the carts with luggage lined up out the front door was not a good sign, Inside it was crowded and they had a clipboard taking names for access to showers etc. We bailed and headed for the Langham I would say we were in our room in the Langham in similar time as we would have been waiting for a shower at the Arrival Lounge!

Cathay Row 11 D G 4 class 777 300 ER Cathay CX252 LHR HKG Estimated flight time Cathay 777 300 ER Nose Wheel Cam pre pushback LHR Cathay Pacific the Arrival HKG